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Team Losi is a USA based radio-controlled car manufacturer founded by Gil Losi in the late-1980s.

Team Losi’s first vehicle, the JRX2, was a 1/10 Scale 2wd Off-Road racing buggy. When it was released to the public in 1988, the JRx-2 featured many innovations that were unheard of at the time, from its unique 5-link rear suspension arms, carbon-graphite chassis, and all-natural rubber racing tires, the JRX2 set the stage for technological advancement and innovation. Team Losi, along with Team Associated, have helped shape the R/C industry into what it is today. The JRx-T was the first “purpose built” electric stadium trucks that didn’t require racers to modify an existing buggy. The JRx-Pro SE was the first competition buggy to come standard with a molded composite chassis in an era where stamped aluminum and graphite plates were the standard. The Street Weapon was not only Team Losi’s first on-road Sedan, but also the first IFMAR IWC Touring Car Championship Chassis.

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