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Aoyagi Metals Industry Co. Ltd was a Japanese company that became notable in the 1980s for its radio-controlled cars.

The company began in the 1960s manufacturing metal chassis for slotcar racing, but by 1979,with a new office they entered into the RC car business with the RX1200, a 1:12 scale on-road racer. The RX2000 took the JMRCA title in 1980, the first of three consecutive titles for the company.1984 JMRCA was won by Joel Johnson on his first trip to Japan with Trinity.

In 1982, the same year when ayk took its third consecutive 1:12 title (with the RX3000 EXL480), like other manufacturers, ayk broke into the 1:10 off-road buggy market with the innovative 566 B Super Trail. The buggy included aluminum chassis, enclosed transmission with all aluminum gears, and a waterproof radio case.

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