Dec 172014
losi gtx


Laydown transmission
Adjustable slipper clutch
Aluminum chassis
Molded upper deck

First gas truck kit offered by Team Losi. Sold exclusively through Horizon Hobby.
Originally offered in a standard and Pro version. Later offered in 3 different Pro versions with engine options.
Aluminum black anodized chassis, anodized shock bodies, and full ball bearings are in the Pro kit.

The front bulkhead, front shock tower and suspension arms are all from the LXT.
Gil Losi Jr on why they chose the LXT parts rather than use the XXT parts,
“The wider pivots (for gear clearance) and narrower arms made it much easier to get engine far enough back to get the correct wight distribution.”

Some transmission parts come from the XX, but an idler gear was added that is unique to the GTX.

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