Nov 292014
kyosho optima pro

Fourth in the Optima series, the Kyosho Optima PRO was a "strange" addition to the Optima stable for the casual observer. Kyosho obviously decided that there was a need for a "middle of the road" kit in the series.
Again - the standard Optima chassis was maintained. The biggest change was the body, this time Kyosho developed an "under tray" of lexan - which helped to keep dirt and debris out of the main chassis. The larger wheels and low profile tyres were retained from the Turbo.
This is where it gets strange - the kit then is almost totally standard original Optima ! Back to the older "red" style shocks and only bearings on the main differential out drives. Worst of all - there was absolutely NO motor or even a speed control included !!
By this time though, the Optima Chassis was starting to show its age in competition circles - with the main criticism's being the weight of the cars. The "PRO" was the second last car to use this chassis design.

Manufacturer: Kyosho
Model - Optima PRO
Released : July 1986
Model # : 3029
Length : 390 mm
Width: 240 mm
Wheel Base : 262 mm
Height : 120 mm
Weight : 1600 grams
Drive : 4WD - via chain.

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