Nov 292014

The Kyosho Beetle was an electric buggy based on the original Scorpion platform. With a lexan body in the design of a VW Baja beetle, It seemed to be Kyosho’s answer to the Tamiya Sand Scorcher. The Beetle was quite a bit lighter and could handle much better than the Sand Scorcher. The body set was not as appealing and had low sales and distribution numbers compared to other models in its class. This makes it very difficult to find one in salvageable condition and if you do find one, there are plenty of vintage Kyosho vultures out there to push up the price.
The parts used for this kit came from a few different places. The tires can be found on the Tomahawk (Sand Super cube knobs). The rims came from the Advance and the Assault. The rest of the kit is straight out of the Scorpion box. The Beetle does have one other part, aside from the body, that is only found on this one. The radio tub has an abs plastic cover to seal up the radio gear.

Manufacturer: Kyosho
Model – Beetle
Year – 1983
Kit# – 2138
Drivetrain – 2wd
Motor – RS-540
Length – 15.59″
Width – 9.05″
Height –
Weight – 3.70 lbs

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