Nov 272014
Completely closed body type mission case with 2 speed reduction timing belt.
Motor mount which makes it easy to change the motor and side belt cover outfit which can be put on or taken off with one touch
Monocoque frame which is injection model ski type.
Standard equipment of 4 large capacity oil dampers
Semi double wishbone suspension and stabilizer bars can beake both front and rear adjustments. 
Newly planned pin spike rear tires and rib pattern front tires
Front and rear wheels are both light weight and have higher degree of strength
Installment of radio control servo receiver and controller in mechanical deck has enabled maintenance easier. 
3 speed forward speed controller with brake and reverse
10 bearings are used in driving gear and rotating gear
Rear roll bar of injection model side guard and installed
The unit type structure enables the main body to be divided into 3 blocks. 

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