Jan 082014

The AYK 4WD Radiant Pro is highly similar to the Radiant/Maverick/Boost. It is a chain driven 4WD. The Radiant Pro shares not only the same orange colored suspension as the Boost, but the Boost body as well. This is not really a surprise considering that Race Prep in Canoga Park, California, took over the US distribution for AYK after the Boost was introduced. The Radiant Pro won National ROAR titles via the skillful Race Prep Racing Team (the Dunn brothers). Race Prep offered various options for the Radiant Pro including the fiber saddle back battery tray and a protective lexan bottom shell as shown in the pictures. In addition, the Radiant Pro also came with optional front axles and wheels that allowed it to only go forward (many races did not allow reverse). The wheels that fit on these axles had locking bearings in them that did not allow them to spin in reverse

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