Jan 072014

Associated has used its racing experience in winning both 1/8 and 1/12 scale World Championships, to design a totally new 1/10 scale electric off road car. Our engineering and racing knowledge was used to develop a truly exceptional 1/10 off road car, that won botht the ROAR and ORRCA OFF ROAD NATIONALS in 1984 and the FIRST OFF ROAD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in 1985.


Heat treated, gold anodized aircraft aluminum chassis tub.
Replaceable gold anodized nose (skid) plate.
Adjustable wheelbase.
Two spring sets, low and high rate.
High volume hydraulic shocks, double O-ring sealed, gold anodized.
Adjustable limited-slip ball dif (can be locked for production class)
Servo saver, linkage and universal servo mounts fit most radios.
Prefabricated oilite bushings throughout (except ball bearing kits).
Quick-change battery and body mounting hardware.
High traction pneumatic tires, knobby rears, grooved fronts.
High-impact nylon rear rims fit Associated and Tamiya “Holiday” tires.
Quick-change knock-off rear hubs are key-locked to the axle.
High-impact nylon front rims. Adapters are included for Tamiya front tires.
Quality screws throughout. Allen cap, button, flat heat, and aluminum flat head.
Step-by-step assembly instructions, with photos of every step.
In addition, some kits include all or part of the following:
Yokomo stock class 05 motor.
Heavy-duty throttle resistor, wiper, bypass, and mounting bracket.
16 gauge silicon wiring harness, with dropping diodes for radio.
Durable clear Lexan body shell, with driver and adjustable wing.
6-cell Ni-Cd pack and Fast-charge Cord.
Precision ball bearing set, 16 bearings total.

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